Sad Beginning For A Birthday…

It’s my birthday, and guess what I am doing in the first 25 minutes. I am crying! My dad was yelling at me because I was trying to fix the home printer. I needed to print out a document for a video contest I am entering (chance to win $275) and it was late at night. I had to fill out the form before March 5. So, he started yelling at me and I started crying. I don’t why I can’t stop doing that. I can’t get mad properly. Tears always come and when I yell, it gets choked by the thightening in my throat when I cry. I wish it would stop. So, that’s crying within the first 25 minutes of my “special day.” Plus, I am going to school on a Saturday on my birthday. Messed up, right? Well, I am sad and fourteen.

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