NGYN’s Kick-Off!

On Saturday, my church’s NGYN (Now Generation Youth Network) finally had another Kick-Off! First, it started off with a walk through blue and white streamers into a dark hallway filled with glow-in-the-dark objects (balloons, shirts, shoes, lights, paint, etc.). You then entered a room pounding with music and you chose your seats. When it started, you and other youth go to the front singing mad loud and dancing, most without rhythm or coordination.

Then, the room was split in teams. Everyone got a raffle ticket. The side that screamed the loudest got T-Shirts. My side lost unfairly. Then two people from each side were paired up and both pairs received a balloon and they had to hold it between the backs and move from the middle of the room to the wall and back. They kept dropping it but finally our team one and they said we cheated and gave glow-in-the-dark to the other team. Two men won the raffle for movie tickets. I wish I did. After, here was a skit that is too long and funny to describe. It involved a pastor running around the room crazily, sometimes with a flag, a girl named Nikki, who is sinned and wouldn’t repent, another girl who did, God reading the Nikki’s mind and telling it to the pastor, and a car accident. After they had a real alter call and my friend went up, it was over at the top.

They said downstairs, there was food, games, drinks, and more food. That got a cheer from a lot of people. After eating some food, there was a Just Dance battle using Kinnect. I won first place once and second place twice. It was fun. It went on for more then an hour. When we finished, I was covered in sweat.

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