Swazzy Products!

“I know how to run a business
And I can make you wanna buy a product” – Handlebars by Flobots (lyrics)

R and N products are not just made by me, they’re made for YOU! Don’t you want a hug-a-tree T-Shirt, a patriotic water bottle, or a mug that keeps an eye on you? Once these swazzy designs are in your possession, YOU would want to show them off to everyone! So, why are you still sitting there and waiting? Go buy one.

Don’t you want to be known as a nature lover?

 “I just love the smell of fresh air in the morning.”

Or how about you let others know you are totally for peace?

 “I am so totally for world peace. How about you?” “Huh… what? Uhh… oh look! A butterfly!”

Or looking for a way to diss someone without saying a thing?

 Sits down in front of someone while drinking out of this mug. Yeah… now you know what I mean. That’s what I’m talking about.

Or having something so completely random, it doesn’t have to do with anything at all?

 “I see a… a… cat… in a tub… no… tin… no tree. There’s a cat in the tree.” “Are you a psychic?” “Don’t tell anyone. Psychics are people too but some people don’t get that and I don’t want to be persecuted against.”

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