First Day of High School

Tomorrow is the first day of high school for friends and me. I don’t want to go. I am enjoying my summer.

They gave me Chemistry and Geometry Honors. I was surprised about the Chemistry one. I barely made the 85 needed in Biology to make it into regular Chemistry. I think it has to do with my Regents grade: 92. I still don’t know how I got that. I can never get myself to study and end up getting F’s and D’s. Some A’s, B’s, and C’s made it but still…

I wonder if they’re going to ask what we did during the summer. If they do, I hope it’s in essay form and not oral presentation. Yeah, that would go well.

“What I did this summer? Oh, nothing much. All I did was start a podcast series, built a website for my twin friends, my mom, and myself, my mom is paying 17.50 a week to be her webmaster, I opened some online stores, started to offer video-editing and build a blog services, learned how to win friends and influence people, and bought a domain. Oh, and I forgot, published a 47-page book. So, all in all, my summer was highly unproductive.”

A sight that would to see.

I finished my homework for that extra program I got accepted to, Science Research but I still have half an essay left to do.

The school still didn’t give anyone their supply list, so no one knows what to bu and bring to school with them.

I still plan to start that Small Business Club at the school.

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