A Doctor Tied to Her Patients and the Mob

The Fox series “The Mob Doctor,” which begins on Monday night, is an odd hybrid, a medical drama merged with a Mafia morality play. It’s hard to tell from one episode how sustainable this gimmick will be, but from the pilot one thing is sure: the writers never encountered the adage “less is more.”

Jordana Spiro from the TBS series “My Boys” stars as Dr. Grace Devlin, a physician skilled with a scalpel but not at decision-making. Grace has become entangled with Chicago mobsters, agreeing to do their medical chores to pay gambling debts accumulated by her brother (Jesse Lee Soffer).

The series immediately takes this premise to the extreme. Ten minutes into the pilot, Grace is ordered to kill a patient who is scheduled to provide evidence against the mob. That leaves you wondering where the show can go from here, but of more concern is the speed with which it seems determined to go there.

The pilot is so packed with generic scenes of medical crises and mob muscle-flexing…

Read more: http://tv.nytimes.com/2012/09/17/arts/television/the-mob-doctor-a-drama-on-fox.html?ref=television&_moc.semityn.vt

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