Rap Helps Toronto Boy Overcome Stutter

TORONTO – It was three years ago that Robyn Zeldin’s then-10-year-old son came home from summer camp and declared he wanted to be a rapper. It’s a path that might make some protective parents feel a bit uneasy, but it was music to Zeldin’s ears.

That’s because Robyn’s son, Jake, suffers from a stutter so severe that it can be a struggle to get through more than a few words at a time. The transformative discovery of that summer-camp stint, however, was that Jake’s speech impediment fades entirely when he raps.

In the intervening years, Jake has cultivated both his rap skills and an impressive array of contacts in the hip-hop world eager to see him succeed. But beyond the Toronto native’s burgeoning career, his mom is thrilled by the drastic change she’s seen in his overall demeanour.


(Cited from: http://metronews.ca/scene/290858/rap-music-helps-toronto-boy-overcome-stutter/

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