Bad Days With Good Things

As you know, everyone has a bad day every once in a while, some more than others. And yes, it puts us in a rut. We walk around, dragging our feet, head low and hanging. We become pessimistic and a complete buzz kill  to all around us. Or sometimes, we put on a insincere smile that drops when no one is looking. I know, because I do it myself.

But, recently, someone told me something that deeply affected me. It was my Spanish teacher, and she was a breast cancer survivor. She told us her story, what she went through, and the support she garnered from her amazing family. Then, she told my class two beautiful sayings that I decided to take to heart.

“You can be happy about what you can do, or you can be miserable about what you can’t do. Which is better?”

It was, unsurprisingly, true, and it gave me a much needed kick in the butt. I always hold onto my failures, despite all the things I succeed in, and beat myself up about it, detaching myself from peers or zoning out, playing it over and over in my head, just further burying myself in self-pity and grief. I decided to get a good look at it all and do something about it. I decided it’s better to be happy, and that’s what I’ll work toward.

The other thing that she said to us was as equally inspiring as the first.

“And each day may not be a good day, but there is always a good thing in every day.”

So, I decided that in my journal, no matter what the day was like, I would write down that good thing.

And, now, I will challenge you. Can you find that one good thing in your day, no matter how, in total, it all turned out? Write it down and treasure it, because not everything was the worst thing ever. If you feel like it, you can even share it on here. I’ll give it a shout out in one of my posts if you would like so.

My good thing for today was that I received the highest score on the Cisco College Computer Networking Chapter 2 Exam in my class. I didn’t do so well last time, but I made up for it on this one. My teacher said he did not expect such a score. I only got one thing wrong. Yay for me! What was your good thing? -JhinelleW_RN

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