My Videos

These are my YouTube videos under the channel, Random Nation. Newest on top:

Love The Way You Lie (Part II) – Castle/Beckett:

I’m So Glad That You’re Okay – Castle/Beckett:

Merry Caskett Christmas – Castle/Beckett:

Let Me Love You – Castle/Beckett:

Soul Mate, Your True Love – Castle/Beckett:

So, I Dance With Beckett – Castle/Beckett:

Happy Crazy Dance:

Shules – In My Heart (Re-Edited):

Random Nation:

Shules-You’ll Be In My Heart:

Random Presidential Debate:



Magik Trixs:

Anti Bullying Video Bloopers:

Anti Bullying Video:

She Will Prevail Trailer (currently malfunctioning):

Happy Birthday, Henry Gaines:

Happy Birthday, Henry Gaines-Rock and Roll Version:

Psych Theme Song Challenge-Extended Version:

Psych Theme Song Challenge:

Random Nation: What’s What? Commercial:

Random Singing Bit:

Multiple Psych-isms:

Horrible Dancing Remix:

Hey Juliet! And Shawn:

Shirts Or Stuff (Now ‘R and N Merchandise’):

Shirts Or Stuff Commercial (Now ‘R and N Merchandise’):

Attempt At Dancing:


One Response to My Videos

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